Do I need a referral to see a Podiatrist?

A referral is not necessary, as we are a private billing clinic. However if you have a chronic condition, such as diabetes or high blood pressure, then you may be eligible with Medicare for 'Enhanced Primary Care' care plan, which is organised by your GP. By having this care plan, you will receive a rebate from Medicare at the end of billing. 

I am a private health fund member. Do you accept my private health fund?

We accept all private health fund covers for podiatry. We recommend that you check with your private health fund with regards to your level of cover and whether you are covered for podiatry consultations, as well as orthotic insoles.

We have the HICAPS machine at the practice, where you can claim the rebates from your health fund on the spot.

What should I bring to my initial consultation with the podiatrist?

Our podiatrist recommends that you bring any recent X-rays or other test results related to your lower limb condition with you. As well as 1-2 pairs of footwear that you commonly wear, as the podiatrist will be able to assess your footwear, which will help with diagnosis and formulating a treatment plan for you at your initial consultation.

Do you do any home visits?

Unfortunately we currently do not offer any home visits. 

I have infected ingrown toenails, do I see the GP or podiatrist first?

If you suspect you may have bacterial infection associated with ingrown toenails, such as redness, swelling, increased pain surrounding the ingrown toenail, with discharge, then it is best to see the GP first. Let the GP decide and prescribe you antibiotics to treat the toe infection for a minimum of five days. After the end of five days, then please see the podiatrist for treatment and removal of the offending ingrown toenail.

I have an existing orthotic insoles, should I bring them with me to see the podiatrist?

If you have a pair of existing orthotic insoles, please bring them to the consultation and let our podiatrist check them. Regardless of how old the previous pair of existing orthotics is, if you currently wear them, then it is best to bring them in for a check up. This will help our podiatrist understand what type of orthotic therapy you have tried in the past. And this will be helpful in treatments to improve your lower limb conditions in the future. 

I have a referral to see the podiatrist, do I need to bring the original referral forms with me to the podiatry consultation?

If your GP or specialist said they have sent through the referral to us already, it is still best to bring your original referral papers from the GP/specialist with you to the podiatry consultations. This will ensure a smoother process where we may help you with your rebate claim on the day. And to minimise any delays.