Care for Diabetic Feet

When living with diabetes, it's essential to dedicate daily attention to foot care. This is because diabetes can harm the nerves in your feet, resulting in compromised blood circulation and an increased susceptibility to serious issues such as foot ulcers. Astonishingly, the occurrence of amputations is 15 times higher among individuals with diabetes.

Regular assessments of your feet by a podiatrist are crucial to maintaining a low risk level of developing foot or lower limb complications due to diabetes. Occasionally, individuals with diabetes may encounter challenges with managing their toenails, necessitating the consistent evaluation and care provided by a podiatrist who specialises in general foot care.

Your podiatrist will establish the optimal frequency for your visits to ensure the well-being of your feet and the prevention of potential complications. They will also conduct routine neurovascular assessments to gauge your risk of diabetic foot complications. By identifying early signs of reduced sensation or blood supply linked to diabetes, your podiatrist can intervene promptly and implement strategies to prevent further deterioration.

Close collaboration between your podiatrist, general practitioner, and other healthcare specialists is integral to maintaining the health of your feet and diminishing the likelihood of diabetic foot complications. This collaborative approach safeguards your feet, minimising the potential for ulcers or amputations in the future.

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