Treatment for Callus, Corns & Cracked Heels

At Healthy Steps Foot Clinic, we understand that your feet are the foundation of your mobility and comfort. Our dedicated podiatrist is here to provide you with expert care and personalised solutions for a variety of foot concerns, including calluses, corns, and cracked heels.

Callus Treatment

Calluses can develop due to repeated pressure or friction on the skin. They often appear on the soles of the feet and can be uncomfortable or painful. Our podiatrist is skilled in gently removing calluses using safe and effective methods. We'll also provide you with guidance on preventing their recurrence.

Corns Treatment

Corns are small, hardened areas of skin that can cause discomfort, especially when wearing shoes. They often form on the tops and sides of the toes. At Healthy Feet Podiatry, we offer specialised treatments to remove corns and alleviate the discomfort they can cause. Our podiatrist will also advise you on proper footwear and foot care techniques to prevent future corn development.

Cracked Heels Treatment

Cracked heels can be painful and unsightly. They are often caused by dry skin, which can be exacerbated by factors such as standing for long periods, wearing open-back shoes, or certain medical conditions. Our podiatrist will assess the severity of your cracked heels and develop a customised treatment plan that may include moisturising routines, footwear recommendations, and professional treatments to restore your skin's health.

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