How does Cold Laser Therapy help improve my foot pain?

How does Cold Laser Therapy help improve my foot pain?

Our feet and lower limb goes through a lot of forces and change of direction of forces as we walk and move everyday.

Sometimes overuse injuries or a sprain to the ankle can happen. These injuries as well as a fractured bone or a soft tissue strain will kick start the natural inflammation process, an early stage of the bodies healing response. Often these early stages of healing are accompanied with pain, which can delay or hinder the rehabilitation process of recovery. Therefore managing the pain is important in the healing process.

Commonly referred to as Laser Treatment, Cold Laser Therapy or Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), Cold Laser is the application of various light wavelengths over the injured site to treat foot pain and various conditions. Laser therapy works by stimulating the affected area on a cellular level to increase tissue repair, decrease inflammation and reduce pain and overall discomfort associated with the injury. The tissue will regenerate and heal a lot faster and significantly reduce pain, which helps reduce the need for prescription pain killers.

Cold Laser Therapy is pain-free and must be performed by a trained and qualified health practitioner, such as your podiatrist. It is safe to use, with no down time involved and minimal side effects. Often our clients reported improvements with their pain level after the first session of treatments.

Cold Laser Therapy helps shorten the healing time and can assist you with a better rehabilitation by reducing your pain during the healing process.

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